Duct Pressure Testing hvac services boston area

Duct systems must adhere to certain industry standards. Necessary guidelines can be followed by performing adequate duct pressure testing. Whether installing a new duct system or altering an existing one, contractors, inspectors, and companies must actively confirm their ductwork passes pressure testing.

Duct Pressure Testing Defined

Duct pressure testing must be performed if any part of a HVAC is placed in unconditioned spaces. An attic, a crawlspace, and a garage are all examples of unconditioned spaces. Required to be performed by a third party, testing must be done when constructing a new home or retrofitting an existing home. Retrofitting is often more challenging to implement and test.

Why Duct Pressure Testing is Necessary

Pressure testing ductwork is necessary to ensure quality. Considering indoor air travels through ductwork, placing ducts in outside areas can result in leakage and loss of conditioned air to the outdoors. Causing high utility bills and loss of comfort, pressure testing will determine system leakage and provide a measure to improve the overall system. Unbalanced air flow, often causing pressurized and depressurized zones throughout a home, can also be measured and improved via duct pressure testing.

How a Duct Pressure Test is Performed

The first step in a duct pressure test is temporarily sealing off the system at all supplies and returns. Next, a fan must be hooked up at the air handler. If not yet installed, supply and return can be tested separately. Adding leakage totals from both supply and return will ultimately equal total leakage. Lastly, by pressurizing and depressurizing the full system, leakage can be determined.
Performing a duct pressure test helps define and pinpoint system leakage. Though various leakage amounts are allowed depending on the system, results from a pressure test will help isolate leaks and pave the way for improvements to the overall system. Duct pressure testing is the best way to ensure the highest quality ductwork.

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