ON VS. AUTO: Your HVAC System’s Thermostat Setting ExplainedThe summer season brings with it a very fundamental, basic yet mind-boggling question to many of us, should our HVAC system thermostat setting be turned ON or should it be on AUTO? This unique scenario is practical in cases of both the manual or smart thermostat. It is a fact that this common question crosses many homeowners’ minds, with the need for getting the best out of our conditioners the goal of everyone.

While some people would swear that the ultimate results from the HVAC thermostat fan are when it is on AUTO, others are convinced that ON is the way to go. While this debate is quite heated in many quarters, it is of essence that we dissuade the facts from the myths in what is common practice in many households.

Setting the record straight on what is the right thing to do in regards to your HVAC system thermostat firsts starts by understanding the difference between the ON and AUTO settings.

Explaining the ON setting

The typical setting that is obvious on your HVAC system thermostat is the ON button. Activating the ON setting makes the fan to be on constant blowing, and will keep turning until you switch it off. The setting is suitable when you are looking to cool off when the weather outside is blistering hot.


  • Ensures continuous airflow through your HVAC thermostat system, keeping your indoor air quality clean throughout
  • Has limited start and stop cycles for your AC HVAC thermostat which enhances the durability of your system
  • Ensures an even distribution of the much needed cool air in your home


  • The continuous running of your thermostat means you will be cooling your home throughout, even when not in need, incurring huge energy costs
  • Frequent breakdowns and repairs resulting from the continuous running of the fan
  • Increased level of humidity in the home resulting from the nonstop cooling of the fan
  • Worsen air duct leakage that results from losing much of the conditioned air from the continuous running fan

The AUTO setting explainer

The AUTO setting is another apparent control of your HVAC system thermostat. The AUTO setting, when engaged, instantly and without control, turns your system on ONLY when the fan is heating or cooling the surrounding air. Immediately the thermostat reaches your temperature setting, and your fan shuts off entirely.


  • The automatic turning on and off ensures you significantly save on energy and the ensuing energy costs
  • Saves you on the repair and replacement costs of the system’s fans as they only turn on when needed
  • Has a better humidity control
  • Keeps you in charge of controlling your home air conditioner, as you set the maximum temperature of the surrounding


  • The continuous turning on and off results in frequent and easier breakdowns of the fan
  • Uneven distribution of cool air throughout your home
  • The quality of the indoor air may not be as clean and as cool as anticipated

The ideal choice

Settling on the ultimate HVAC system thermostat is dependent on the needs of your household in general. Some of the factors that will push you in settling for either the AUTO or the ON HVAC thermostat setting system include;

  • The need for continuous and consistent air warm air supply in the home particularly in the cases of allergy cases will correctly work with the ON setting
  • The need for cutting down on the energy costs in the home will need the AUTO setting
  • The need for safety in the household in the case of the elderly and little children will work well with the ON button.

More information and tips on HVAC thermostat

If you are looking for more energy-saving tips, installation, and information about the ON and AUTO setting of the HVAC system thermostat, then contact us for more details.