Project Description

Kids Zone Dental, Oxford MA – Commercial Maintenance HVAC Project


Kids Zone Dental is a specialized dentistry for children and adolescents in Oxford, Massachusetts. We have had the opportunity to help Kids Zone Dental to keep the office comfortable, offering a comprehensive tune-up and maintenance service.

What is the optimal temperature in the dental office to keep the practice running smoothly? If the office air flow is too hot or too cold, the productivity of employees might suffer also the clients might feel uncomfortable. Should you experience any  temperature discomfort in  your office, try making a few adjustments before your service technician will arrive:

  • Clear your stuff away from heating and air conditioning vents, blocking the airflow can affect the temperature in the workplace.
  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Change remote control batteries
  • Listen for abnormal noise and mention it to the service technician.

Unexpected emergent HVAC costs often turn out being as painful expensive as dental extensive treatment plans if not attended at the right time. Don’t wait too long before making that call and schedule your routine appointment today!

Regular maintenance of all HVAC equipment is recommended to maintain optimal functioning and increase its efficiency. Regular maintenance will catch small issues before they become large issues and prevent total system failure. You should consider treating your HVAC system in the same manner as you treat your teeth. Don’t forget to visit your dentist two times per year as well as servicing your system every six months. When your equipment is serviced on a regular basis and running at an optimal level you will have much lower utility bills and another great reason to smile for being able to save extra funds for your wallet.

The Air balancing plays an important role too.  Air Flow balancing will greatly help in reducing this vast difference in temperature, further increasing your comfortability as well as improving the efficiency of your HVAC system.

HVAC Industries offers a comprehensive tune-up and maintenance service that meets your HVAC needs. We work hard to quickly manage your project from start to finish. Besides commercial HVAC services, we also offer industrial and residential maintenance services. If you are looking for a reliable HVAC company then give us a call at 617-208-8812  we will gladly assist your in all You HVAC needs.