How Often Does an AC System Need Refrigerant?Your AC regulates the temperature in your room because of the refrigerant. All air conditioners contain a refrigerant, which is what helps the AC cool, dehumidify, or ventilate. The refrigerant readily absorbs heat because of its low boiling point. It dissipates heat from indoors to outdoors, and the cycle repeats itself. Regardless of the continuous movement of the refrigerant, it does not get depleted because:

– It is never used up. The refrigerant only changes states. To cool the room, it turns from a liquid state into a gaseous state after absorbing heat, and once the heat is dissipated, it turns into a liquid, and the cycle repeats itself. None of the refrigerant is lost during the process.

– The refrigerant is in a closed system and cannot escape.

Scheduling an AC Repair

Air conditioners comprise of the refrigerant, mechanical, electrical and plumbing components. If any of these parts malfunctions, the AC will not work as intended. The most common culprit of air conditioning malfunction is the refrigerant. ACs come with refrigerants that are enough to last them their intended lifespan. However, the coolant can go low if:

  • The AC was not installed correctly
  • The refrigerant leaks
  • Someone steals the refrigerant for other purposes

How Do You Know Your AC Needs Repair?

As long as your refrigerant is intact, your Ac will work properly. However, if the refrigerant lines wear or tear, then the AC will have trouble cooling your space. Below are some signs that may help you identify if you need to repair your AC.

  • The vents dispensing warm air
  • Hiking energy bills
  • Ice accumulation on refrigerant lines
  • Frozen evaporator coil
  • Refrigerant lines producing hissing or bubbling sound.

Preventing Refrigerant Leaks

Just like any other valuable item, you need to take good care of your AC to prevent any refrigerant leaks hence save on repairs. Below are two tips to help you protect your refrigerant:

1. Keep your dog away from the Ac unit

You can put up a fence around the AC to make sure your dog does not get too close to the AC. Your dog’s urine is acidic and can destroy the refrigerant lines.

2. Schedule yearly maintenance for your AC.

An annual maintenance schedule helps you catch any wear and tear before they become intensive and costly to repair.

Do you feel like your AC is not running as usual? Have you lately noticed some refrigerant leaking? Do not waste any more time; a timely repair can save you the possibility of replacing the whole air conditioning system. Our technicians work on visible leaks, and also they carry out thorough inspections on the entire system fixing any other issues that you may have missed out. Do not attempt to repair the AC on your own. Refrigerant is dangerous and can cause serious implications, including death. You need a professional who is trained to handle it without endangering any lives. Get in touch with us now to get your AC fixed.