ContinuousWays to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency weather fluctuations these days have kept pushing thermometers past their averages. According to recent research, HVAC systems constitute more than 50% of the total utility expenses in an American home. With you having no power over electric companies, this is a very high expense yet very basic. You are, however, not helpless. You can help reduce your air conditioning bills starting today. Below are eight tips to help you keep your HVAC system healthy and hence, energy efficient.

Clean Outdoor Components

During the spring season, your condenser unit a likely culprit of debris. Make an effort of inspecting it occasionally and cleaning it. With lots of plant debris in the air, the condenser unit can clog. Also, ensure any growth around it is trimmed, and there is proper clearance for better efficiency.

Vacuum Indoor Vents

Ensure your indoor supply vents are clear. Vacuum any dust and debris from the vents. Keep away any items such as toys or blinds that can restrict air flow through the vents.

Increase Your Thermostat

Adjusting your thermostat a few degrees up during summer or down during winter can help save on energy and the bills. Adjust your thermostat a little up during the night, whenever you are leaving the house for a long time or at different times of the day so that cooling is not wasted.

Change the Filter

Filters help prevent any damage inside the system by trapping dust that could otherwise get inside. Filters can clog, making them malfunction or slow down air circulation. When dust starts to collect on the fan blades and other motor parts, the HVAC system starts using use lots of energy to maintain the air conditioning. You need to keep changing your filters at least once every three months to save on electricity and hence reduce the costs.

Boost Attic Insulation

During hot summers, there is a high boost of temperatures in your attic. Poor insulation between the attic and your living spaces will let in some heat into your living spaces and increase the temperatures making your air conditioner work harder.

Keep Curtains and Blinds Closed

Keeping curtain and blinds closed will help keep away the heat into your rooms if the sun shines directly on your windows.

Avoid Using your Dryer and Oven

During hot weathers frequently using the dryer or oven will only increase your room temperatures further. An increase in the temperatures means your air conditioner will have to use more electricity to make the rooms cooler.

Invest in Energy Efficient HVAC Equipment

Replace HVAC systems that have been around for more than a decade. New HVAC systems are more comfortable and have improved energy efficiency because of their higher SEER ratings. Also, go for energy star rated models since they follow strict guidelines which go a long way in saving you from the skyrocketing air conditioning bills during extreme weathers.

Schedule Regular Checkups

Despite following the above tips to keep your HVAC systems efficiency high, you still need a professional to do a detailed checkup at least once in a year. The expert gets to check the system intensively, fix any present issues, and prevent any problems that may be arising. An expert check is an excellent way of saving on avoid major breakdowns, which are very costly.