Carrier Introduces Variable-Speed WeatherExpert Commercial Rooftop Units Featuring EcoBlue Technology

True variable-speed cooling capacity and control now available with the industry’s first beltless direct-drive vane axial fan.

Carrier is pleased to announce that its WeatherExpert® line of rooftop units now includes the variable-speed 48JC gas/electric and 50JC electric/electric models designed to vary cooling capacity down to 25% and up to 105% of normal capacity. The units boast impressive SEER ratings up to 20.0 and feature innovative EcoBlue™ Technology. Carrier, a world leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), a leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.


The 48/50 JC units are the products of extensive research and development designed to harness the power of variable-speed technology in order to achieve the features and benefits of the WeatherExpert line. They are available in three phase voltage and come in 3-, 4- and 5-ton sizes. In addition, these new models have the industry’s smallest rooftop footprint and lightest weight for this type of equipment, furthering their ideal fit for both new construction and replacement jobs.

Most notable of EcoBlue Technology’s many features is the exclusive beltless direct-drive vane axial fan system – an industry first for rooftop units when introduced in 2018. This patented technology replaces traditional belts, pulleys, and forward curve fans with a simpler, more compact design, all with 75% fewer moving parts. The outdoor fan system’s high-density composite blade fan is also an exclusive design. Both fans are dynamically balanced for quieter operation. Other technological advances that differentiate these units include the intelligent, intuitive and integrated SystemVu™ controls and coil technology that uses proven round tube, plate fin designs, increased factory options and a tool-less filter access door.

The WeatherExpert 48/50 JC units also features an optional patented Humidi-MiZer® Adaptive Dehumidification system that provides additional dehumidification control and  standard  SystemVu™ controls, which brings the benefits of a large text display, quick LED status, smarter diagnostics through ongoing, real-time information and built in i-Vu®, CCN and BACnet® capabilities.