HVAC Green Mission

When it comes to an HVAC system, homeowners today are looking for two things: optimized equipment that operates at maximum efficiency and a system that will reduce their environmental impact.

The HVAC industry and our company have responded to these demands. By putting an emphasis on these needs, HVAC units have been successfully developed that not only are environmentally friendly but also help reduce your energy bills.

We recognize that customers value our insistence on reducing the environmental impact of our operations as much as they value the products and services we provide. We will continue to take advantage of the ever-improving technology that helps us and our customers decrease their energy consumption.


How Can We Help Contribute To The Green Effect?

In order for our company to reduce our effect on the environment, we need your help. We provide the following services to help your residence and our company go green:

1. Paperless Billing
You can switch to paperless billing by contacting us. With paperless billing, all invoices and statements are sent digitally. By switching to this billing option, you can help save paper and eliminate the consumption of the fuel that is required for delivery.

2. Air Filter Recycling
As a result of updating our salvaging process, we can now recycle all air filters. We can guarantee that no air filters that we replace will end up in a land fill or dump.

3. Refrigerant Disposal
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updated their requirements for refrigerant in 2010. As per these requirements, all equipment must use Puron refrigerant, otherwise known as R-410A. Older refrigerants such as R-22 and ammonia release chemicals when they cool that directly impact the atmosphere. Puron refrigerant provides the benefit of reduced power consumption while not having a negative effect on the environment.

All production of R-22 refrigerant will be canceled by the year 2020. As such, the price of this refrigerant is expected to rise as the cancellation date nears. By switching to R-410A, you are saving money while helping the environment.

4. EnergyStar Ratings
The EPA launched the EnergyStar campaign in 1992 with the hope of making it easier to identify energy saving electronics for consumers. Products that are given the EnergyStar rating meet a strict energy efficiency standard and use less energy than older appliances. The EnergyStar rating helps reduce energy consumption levels while lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

By purchasing one of EnergyStar products, you can help save the environment while saving on your utility expenses.

5. Up-to-date equipment and practices
We ensure that our team is kept up-to-date with new industry practices and equipment. By doing this, we can assure that your HVAC system operates at its maximum potential.

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