Financing / Easy Payment Options

HVAC Financing Boston Massachusetts

Financing and Payment Made Easy

Install a new HVAC system without worrying about busting your budget. As a family-owned business, HVAC Industries has established affordable rates and payment options with local families and businesses in mind.

We tailor our payment plans to your needs:

  1. Deposit – One low beginning payment is required to start our stellar services.
  2. Subsequent payments – Let’s work together to schedule several payments throughout the length of the project.
  3. Final payment – Only due once the job has been completed.

We are here to help, and not to judge the circumstances that result in a tight budget. Feel great about purchasing the best system for your home and wallet.

Financing your high-efficiency system is simple, thanks to the Mass Save® program. This Massachusetts plan connects families with banks that provide interest-free loans up to $25,000 with terms as long as seven years. Mass Save® also helps businesses with interest-free loans up to $100,000 with terms up to seven years. This program also offers rebates, further relieving your financial worries when it’s time to install a new heat pump or central air system.

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Also, the HVAC Industries accepts checks, cash and eChecks.


HVAC Industries is proud to provide excellent and affordable service. With our easy payment plans and interest-free financing, you can confidently purchase an efficient, high-performance HVAC system that delivers the comfort you need in every season. Contact us now for more information!