Certificate of Achievement

Our technicians are EPA certified.

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) requires that all technicians who handle refrigerant gas must complete courses of study and testing to obtain the Universal EPA certification. Earning this certificate requires considerable time and effort because it consists of three smaller certifications:

  • EPA Type I: Small Appliances – This includes the servicing and installation of small AC and heating units.
  • EPA Type II: High Pressure Systems – This focuses on safety, recovery and installation of systems containing large quantities of refrigerant gases.
  • EPA Type III: Low Pressure Systems – This mirrors Type II, but concentrates on perfecting those techniques for low pressure systems.

The Universal certification is the highest credential offered by the EPA, requiring mastery of all three of the above standards. Our outstanding technicians have earned this Universal EPA certification and are happy to utilize their expertise when installing or servicing your home’s heating and cooling systems.