Energy-efficient technology is evolving faster than HVAC models can be produced. These days you can install a cutting-edge HVAC system and the next day there is a more advanced model on the factory line. While this is great news for consumers, it can make things difficult for HVAC technicians who need to learn and master the technology before they can properly install, maintain, and repair it.

With this in mind, continuing education for HVAC technicians is now more important than ever. At the same time, there is a shortage of workers within the HVAC industry and the trades, in general, to contend with. All of this combined has made flexible continuing education models even more vital to businesses that are looking to compete within their respective market space.

As a large part of the old workforce retires, new techs with less experience and a more diverse fleet of HVAC models are racing to learn the ropes. Continuing education can help fill the gaps of experience and innovative technological advances to ensure that all HVAC technicians are capable of servicing all homes within a targeted geographic market.

Benefits of Continuing Education for HVAC Technicians

There are many benefits of continuing professional development (CPD) for HVAC technicians including but not limited to the above-mentioned need to stay current with the industry’s new and emerging standards. By staying on pace with competitors, businesses are able to ensure that the knowledge and skills of their employees are leveraged properly to deliver stellar results.

Outside of staying current with new trends in the HVAC industry, continuing education also helps ensure employees maximize their efficiency while in the workplace. Unlike other jobs where office demands stay reasonably stable, HVAC technicians face new challenges each and every day. Every single HVAC system they work on has the potential to be different within the day or even the week. Therefore, they are constantly relearning, shifting, and investigating new issues. In order to create probable solutions for each and every client, they need a diverse toolkit to draw from. Continuing education helps them build this toolkit so that they aren’t constantly researching and learning on the job at the cost of the customer.

Continuing education also helps employees network and learn from experts within the field. Effective knowledge sharing is one of the key fundamentals of the modern business place, so encouraging HVAC technicians to exchange knowledge, participate in classes led by industry professionals, and sometimes even the innovators behind new technology can help strengthen their skills and boost future access to resources.

Investing in Our Employees Via Training & Certification

The trade industry is growing and needs young and mid-career workers to join its ranks, which is why HVAC Industries is proud to support and invest in its employees by providing plenty of opportunities for future career development and continuing education.

We support our employees by offering both training and certification programs that help them build their skills so that they can properly address the needs of our customers. A trained workforce is the only way to create a sustainable growth plan, and the only way to ensure customers receive A+ repair service every single visit.

We pride ourselves to be a part ABC Associated Builders and Contractors of Massachusetts which partners with Gould Construction Institute that offers a variety of continuing education training programs tailored to HVAC Industry demands. The extensive courses provides our technicians with access to diverse, innovative, and cutting-edge HVAC trends and development so that they can offer accurate and current technical support to our customers.