Project Description

School St, Quincy – Commercial HVAC Project


This project is a medical laboratory located in Quincy, Massachusetts. Our company installed central fan for the laboratory equipment, and in the second laboratory we installed ductless unit for another equipment to reduce the heat.

Install a ductless system for your business to heat or cool specific work areas. Ductless systems easily mount to the wall or ceiling, giving business owners the flexibility to control the climate in specific areas of the building. Also, business owners benefit from improved air quality — ductless systems don’t trap dust and allergens, so employees aren’t likely to get sick as often.

We can help you find the right ductless system for your business. Whether it’s a cassette, under-ceiling or wall configuration, we have a ductless, high-efficiency system designed for your space. Call us today to learn how you can bring warmth to your workspace.