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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps provides reliable energy efficient heating and cooling for you comfort.

Heat Pumps HVAC IndustriesEnergy-Efficient Heat Pumps
Warm your home in the winter and cool it off in the summer with an energy-efficient heat pump system. A heat pump doesn’t burn fuel like a gas furnace, instead it uses a small amount of electricity to move air, hot or cold, from one place to another. In chilly weather, it absorbs warmth from the cold air outdoors, then pushes the heat into your home. In summer it does the reverse, pulling cool air from outside and then routing it indoors.

An alternative to air-source systems is a geothermal heat pump. Deep below the topsoil, the Earth maintains a consistent temperature throughout the year. A geothermal system uses underground fluid-filled pipes to absorb heat or cold from the ground and cycles it up to an aboveground pump that further warms or cools the air and circulates it through your house.

For larger buildings or colder climates, a heat pump can work in tandem with a furnace to provide extra climate control.

A heat pump is an excellent option for your home because it functions without gas, keeping your fuel bills low. It’s also an energy-efficient system that uses less power than electric furnaces, so it lowers your utility bills even more.

Small Packaged Products

Performance 50VR
Comfort 50VT
Comfort 50ZH


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