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 Thermostats and Control Panels

Programmable Thermostats facilitates the ability to optimize your daily comfort, from preferred in home temperature up to desired humidity levels.

HVAC Industries Thermostats and Control Panels
Goodbye old metal dial thermostats. Hello user-friendly digital thermostats. Outdated manual analog controls have been replaced by digital control panels and color touch screens. Many new models include WiFi technology, letting owners control home systems remotely. All these technological advances make this a great time to consider upgrading your thermostat.

Rather than trying to align a tiny red line somewhere between 60 and 70 degrees, digital thermostats give you more control and produce more accurate results, as they let you set the exact temperature you want.

Most new thermostats are fully programmable, so you can schedule the perfect temperature when you’re home and turn the controls down when you’re away. This keeps your HVAC running efficiently, reducing its workload and saving you money by keeping your utility bills lower.

Upgrading your thermostat to advanced models will provide you with additional flexibility and savings. With WiFi technology, you won’t need to be in the same room as the thermostat in order to make a temperature adjustment. Download system-compatible Apple® and Android™ applications and your smartphone becomes a thermostat remote control while you’re at work or on vacation.


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Are you ready to save money and gain more control over your home’s heating and cooling? HVAC Industries is here to help you. As a local Carrier Elite Dealer, we proudly offer Infinity®, Côr® and Comfort™ digital thermostats for families and businesses. Our experienced specialists will set up the right system for your home and budget. Contact us now for an estimate!