Project Description

Zoning System

Customize your indoor comfort with flexible temperature in different parts of the house

HVAC Industries Zoning Systems BostonCustomize your indoor comfort with flexible temperatures in different parts of the house with the installation of an air zoning system. Air zoning systems are used in tandem with thermostats to direct the airflow from heat pumps and/or furnaces to the specific places that need to be warmed up or cooled down inside a house or business.

Multi zoning lets you warm up your bedroom in the evening while turning off the air in the basement. Keep your child’s room one temperature while setting another for the living room. You can even manage air zones in an office space, so you can program different settings for areas close and far from sunny windows.

The installation of an air zoning system will give you more control over the air flow in your home or office. You’ll love the increased comfort. You’ll feel in your own home as you’re able to personalize heating and cooling in different rooms. Watch as your air zoning system lowers your utility bills as less energy and air are directed to empty rooms.

HVAC Industries offers extensive air zoning services that help save on energy expenses, while providing you with more control and comfort. As your local Carrier Elite Dealer, we are happy to install Infinity™ and Performance™ Comfortzone™ systems that deliver excellent and efficient results in up to eight zones in your home or business.

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