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Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers Systems

HVAC Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers SystemsHumidifiers
Massachusetts’s blustery dry winters need only exist outside your front door, not inside. In addition to installing an HVAC system to manage your home or business’s temperature, you can get the upper hand on climate control by adding a humidifier. As your local Carrier® Elite Dealer, HVAC Industries proudly carries this award-winning company’s best systems:

1.  Enjoy excellent control of your large home’s humidity levels with the Performance™ Steam humidifier.

2.  For smaller residences or offices, the Performance™ Fan-Powered humidifier directs moisture into rooms through your ductwork.

3.  Performance™ Bypass humidifiers run off your furnance’s motor, saving on energy usage while improving the climate of your home or business.

4.  Our certified professional technicians will efficiently install these excellent systems which help make your home or business a more comfortable place to be. Contact us now to take advantage of our great service and affordable prices.


High moisture levels in attics, basements and bathrooms can speed up fungal growth, while humid living areas feel hotter than they actually are. There’s no need to sweat through the summer or worry about mold showing up. A dehumidifier discreetly pulls water out of the air once the humidity starts rising. Honored to be a local Carrier® Elite Dealer, HVAC Industries installs Carrier’s moisture management systems that help make your home or office comfortable, day and night.

Carrier offers two sizes of their stellar Performance™ Whole-Home dehumidifier system. The 1070 model is perfect for providing moisture control in basements or single rooms, while the 1095 is best for an entire house or business. They are compact, self-contained units that make it easy for you to customize automatic humidity settings.
Reach out to us now for an estimate or to schedule the installation of your new dehumidifier at a time that works best for you.