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Rooftop Units


What are Rooftop Units?

Rooftop air conditioning units are similar to central air conditioners and wall-mounted air conditioning units with the exception of being placed on the rooftop instead of on the ground or inside of the building. The location of a rooftop unit provides numerous benefits, which explains why they are increasing in popularity.

Why Would A Business Choose A Rooftop Unit?

Since rooftop air conditioners are more expensive than the other choices, it might come as a surprise that most businesses are choosing to use them. The number one reason why businesses are choosing to use rooftop air conditioning is because of the number of benefits they provide.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Rooftop Unit?

  • Flexibility – Since rooftop units are modular, they can easily be expanded on, removed, or moved to other sections of the roof. Rooftop units are also configurable as air conditioners, heaters, and humidifiers.
  • Not As Noisy – Having a calm and quiet environment is important for your employees and customers. Since rooftop units are further away, there will be a smaller amount of noise pollution.
  • Security – Being on the rooftop, these units are less likely to be damaged or stolen.
  • Take Up Less Space – Rooftop units combine heating and cooling into one unit, opening up more space for other uses.
  • Minimized Damage – Rooftop units tend to be cleaner because they are not exposed to as much dirt and litter. Dirty units tend to break down quicker; rooftop units do not have this problem.
  • Variety In Power Options – You have the option of powering your rooftop unit with either electricity or natural gas.
  • Save Energy – Rooftop units are loaded with energy saving features such as variable air volume, dampers, thermal wheels, and more.
  • Easy To Maintain – The location and size of rooftop units allow for easy maintenance at any time.


Packaged Rooftop Units

WeatherExpert® 48LC, 50LC 3 to 23 Tons (VAV available 6 to 23 Tons)

WeatherMaster® 48HC, 50HC 3 to 25 Tons
WeatherMaster® 50HCQ 3 to 10 Tons

WeatherMaker® 48TC, 50TC – 6 to 27.5 Tons
WeatherMaker® 50TCQ –  6 to 20 Tons
WeatherMaker® 48KC, 50KC  – 3 to 5 Tons
WeatherMaker® 50KCQ – 3 to 5 Tons


Applied Rooftop Units

WeatherMaker® 48/50A Series 20 to 60 Tons

WeatherMaster® 48/50P Series 30 to 100 Tons

WeatherExpert® 48/50N Series 75 to 150 Tons


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